Work + study in san pedro, belize

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Work with Us

Who we are: 

Science + Soul Wellness assists yoga teachers of all levels, styles and traditions to heal and challenge themselves – body, mind and soul. We distinctly take pride in the quality of our teaching and the consistency of our classes, trainings and services, ensuring beginners and advanced practitioners alike will be able to tap into their inner wisdom, growth and transformation. 


Who we love working with:

Our teachers are heartfelt and dedicated to the practice of yoga, the healing of their students, and the beauty and joy of life. Our teachers are ready, willing, and able, and they are open and curious to the growth that comes with the journey and the practice of yoga. They are action takers, responsible, and have a sense of purpose and passion in the pursuit of their own transformation and the transformation of others. 


Aerial Yoga Teachers

SUP Yoga Instructors

Massage Therapists

Social Media Influencers


Goddess/Tantra Experts

Wellness Teachers


This opportunity:

We are offering beachfront accommodations in return for 5 classes per week. 

If that sounds like you, we would love to have you! Click the button below to fill out the application.