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Tantra Shakti: The Power and Radiant Soul of Yoga

A ParaYoga Master Training in Belize with René Quenell  | November 7 - November 14

At least 5,000 years ago tantric visionaries, inspired by the deepest reverence and passion for unveiling the sacred beauty and mysteries of life, developed what we know as the practice of Hatha Yoga.

As described in the various tantric texts, Hatha Yoga includes the following practices: asana, pranayama, bandha, kriya, mudra, mantra, meditation as well as practices pertaining to kundalini awakening, along with a seemingly endless array of other techniques and knowledge. Tantra, by providing infinite ways to expand the reach and power yoga, is its most complete and sublime approach. Incorporating the wisdom of ayurveda and the whole of brahma vidya (“supreme science”) or knowledge of the underlying reality, tantra provides a direct and accelerated path to achieving life’s ultimate aims.

Tantra’s core principle asserts that through self-knowledge and the cultivation of our innate power, we can unfold our fullest potential and thus achieve both worldly and spiritual prosperity. This training is open to practitioners and teachers of all levels. ParaYoga® Level III teacher René Quenell, will lead students, through theory and practice, on a journey of self-empowerment and discovery. The training will demystify the tantric approach to yoga and explore its key touchstones of practice and wisdom that open the doorway to thriving: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

This Master Training is open to all interested students: dedicated practitioners, aspiring teachers, or those already teaching. Using the traditional tools of Hatha as our foundation we explore, through practice and theory, Tantra as the full flowering of yoga, as well as, its uniquely profound approaches to meditation.

Practices will weave together dynamic vinyasa flow, asana, bandhas, and mudra in combination with breath work, meditation, and visualization techniques.


5 Days to Freedom : A Women’s Divorce Survival Retreat

Wednesday, November 28 through Sunday December 2, 2018

With Paulette Gloria Harwood


Join Paulette Gloria Harwood and her expert panel of women who will skilfully and kindly guide you back to your best self.  No matter what stage of divorce you are in from deciding should I or shouldn’t I to discovering your best life beyond you will be inspired and empowered along the road to freedom. 

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Fit and Fabulous in 2019!  A Fresh Start Program with Warren Kramer

Friday, December 7, 2018 through Sunday, December 9, 2018

Join internationally recognized macrobiotic counselor, lecturer and cooking teacher, Warren Kramer for a fabulous 3 day workshop in gorgeous Belize.  The program focus is renewing your health for the New Year with an emphasis on improving vitality.

Lectures, cooking and yoga classes and of course delicious vegan macrobiotic food will be served.