Happy students and visitors

I honestly cannot sincerely thank you enough for this weekend. It was truly and amazing experience from beginning to end. Mahogany Bay Village is Paradise on Earth.
— Ashanti Garcia
My family and I just returned from the best “recharging vacation” that we have ever experienced, at Mahogany Bay Village in San Pedro, Belize. The resort is truly magical. If you are currently on or are looking to engage in an incredible wellness journey, then look no further. The Science and Soul Wellness Center at MBV provides an invigorating opportunity to refresh your mind body and soul in a most peaceful setting. Paulette and her staff provide a wealth of expertise. From Aerial Yoga to poolside massage, this wellness center will cater to your every need. They make available to you creative ways to expand your wellness experience. Paulette and all of her staff were truly the kindest and most accommodating that I have encountered. So, no matter where you are on your journey to wellness and a healthy lifestyle, Science and Soul Wellness will carry you there with kindness. Because of the outstanding opportunities and service we received at Science and Soul Wellness, we returned from this vacation with our minds, bodies and souls recharged. We can not wait to return to this sanctuary and see all of their smiling faces again! Thank you to Science and Soul Wellness!
— Lisa Brini

It truly was a wonderful experience!! We could all feel the excitement and enthusiasm in Paulette’s welcome and introduction.
Paulette give us confidence and comfort in ourselves.
Yoga in the aerial is such fun…It truly feels like flying..and the studio is bright and large with those 18 silk hammocks and a full length mirror.
I felt so happy in such a wonderful atmosphere..so peaceful.
i felt myself smiling and didn’t want the class to finish at the end..
thank you for that nice experience and bringing aerial yoga to San Pedro…..La Isla Bonita
— Veronique Raimbault

Paulette and Steve have done a beautiful job with the build-out for Science And Soul Wellness! The studio is perfectly positioned to capture the Caribbean breezes, making the experience of doing yoga there extra special. I love that they are offering such a variety of yoga, and I especially enjoy the aerial classes. How many 49 year olds get to do workouts that let you turn upside down like a child!! I also love Paulette’s vision for offering a complete wellness facility, including healthful cooking classes, massage, Pilates and more. I can’t wait to see her vision come to life! I believe the saying is that “you never work a day, if you do something you love”, and that’s the feeling I get, when I walk into Science and Soul.
— Dawn

Had the opportunity to take a yoga class while we were visiting Mahogany Bay. The studio is gorgeous! Nothing better than the refreshing sea breeze while getting in your zen! Great class!!
— Tami L

I have done yoga for years and it’s a staple in my life but I can TELL YOU THIS, I ADORE the Aerial Yoga class at Mahogany Bay Village. I have never been able to stretch like that and it pulls you naturally into the greatest poses and stretches. Paulette has done a fabulous job on this facility and Kerry Ann is an amazing, caring, thoughtful, intuitive instructor that knows her stuff! I cannot WAIT for the next class! A MUST!!
— Holly B

Paulette has the ability to strip away all distractions and allows her students to see into the cave of the soul.
You immediately feel safe and heard, accepted and loved. She allows the seeker to move into silence and gives you the ability to experience effortless awareness.
She is the teacher of vision and courage as well as body, strength and stability.
— Donna

Thank you for your expertise and time today. I truly enjoyed my Yoga session with you. It made me feel strong, but calm …. and “centered”. I’m so happy our life paths have crossed. God has a way of making the right people appear at just the right time.
— Virginia

What a beautiful space! Paulette and Steve are sincere and passionate people who have gone to amazing lengths to create a wellness paradise... in paradise. The accommodations are 5-star, but with the relaxed and friendly atmosphere of a neighborhood yoga studio. Life is laid back playful on the big island with the unmatched natural beauty of the Caribbean, outstanding food, easy transport, and fun locals. (Bonus: Belize speaks English, so you can truly learn about the culture without a language barrier.) I have traveled the world teaching yoga but honestly never know what to tell people who ask me for a yoga retreat recommendation. Now I finally have a place to send them that will exceed their expectations!
— Becky Stella | aerialyogaonline.com