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Flight Night

Experience the freedom of anti-gravity yoga in this Aerial Yoga class followed by expertly selected wine flights. 

Friday, March 23 from 4pm - 6pm

$80BZD (pay on arrival)

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New Moon Intention Setting Yoga Workshop 



The New Moon is a powerful time to set intentions and prepare your heart for what's next.

A monthly, drop-in yoga and intention setting workshop, we will go beyond the busy thinking brain chatter to connect to your intuitive spirit through guided meditation, journaling, and Moon salutations to tap into your inner most desires. This powerful, intuitive exercise will propel your life forward, manifesting what your soul is yearning for for you.


Full Moon Release and Renew Yoga Workshop



The Full Moon is a time to welcome our intentions, celebrate all of our manifestations, renew our intentions. 

A monthly, drop-in yoga workshop, we will tap into the cyclical cosmic energy that is part of all living things and embrace the illuminating Feminine vibration of the Full Moon with creativity exercises, visualizations, journaling, dancing, and Moon salutations in order to release everything that no longer serves us, bringing renewal and vitality to our minds, bodies, and spirits.