When was the last time you experienced full pleasure?

When was the last time you had fun? The last time you felt fully yourself, free, sensual, in flow?

When was the last time you reflected, relaxed, refreshed? Greeted a new day in your life with flow and transition and grace?


Join Margie Pargie, the creator of the Aerial Yoga Goddess Training for New Moon Goddess Circle every month.

Also known as The High Vibe ORGASMIC Goddess Circle.


Manifestation speed is accelerated during new and full moons. 

So it's your time to raise your vibes. 


In this transformational return to self, sensuality, and life, join Margie and your soul tribe as we move through

• Breathwork to relax and bring awareness back into your body

• Dance, flow, and aerial work to have fun and get your blood flowing

• Journaling exercises to get in touch with yourself, meditate, and grow


The breath can take us to very magical places if we allow ourselves to let go.


And when you’re in that orgasmic flow, you are opening up to receive all of the things you truly desire.

Raise your vibes. Feel into yourself. And magic happens.

Bring a journal and pen.


New Moon Goddess Circle consists of two classes. You can do one or the other or both.


9:30am Aerial Yoga


10:30 Journaling and Meditation


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