Nathalie Gajdos

Nathalie Gajdos combines the healing aspects Ayurveda and Yoga with her strong interest in personal development and human behaviour, to offer holistic wellness services on and off the mat. Her search for healing from a long-standing history of depression and anxiety, lead her to Ayurveda, and in so doing she discovered a self-fulfillment previously thought to be unattainable. It is now her desire to share these teachings with others in search of higher truth and greater collective conscious. With love and compassion, she brings her knowledge and deep-rooted beliefs in Ayurvedic healing to Science and Soul Wellness. Trained with a 300 hour Ayurvedic Yoga Therapist certification from Yoga Veda Institute in Ajijic Mexico, and continuous ongoing studies in Ayurveda as a coach and practitioner, she empowers those who are ready for change, to use Ayurvedic daily practices to promote a life of ease and fulfillment. She offers Ayurvedic consultations, and health and lifestyle coaching programs that provide ongoing support for long term habit transformation and healthy living that are personalized and attuned with nature’s rhythm. Through simple lifestyle, nutrition and breath body practices we can achieve conscious awareness, connectedness to all things, and a balanced body, mind and spirit that can take us to the next level of existence… Conscious. Connected. Balanced. Find out more about Nathalie at


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