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January 2018

It’s time to liberate the gifts in your heart and start speaking your TRUTH. It’s time to open your soul and connect on a new and higher level. It’s time to connect fully with your feminine wisdom and shine as the leader that you are called to be. 

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Are you feeling disconnected from yourself and from others, missing that strong connection that you long for in your life and business

Are you overwhelmed and frustrated with the thought of building a brand online and finding your people there but disenchanted with the increasingly disconnected world of yoga studios and teachers and ready to experience real, deep, meaningful connection with yourself, your purpose, your students, and your soul sister teachers?

Are you tired of the same old sequencing, the cliques, and the disconnect that’s oozing throughout your teaching and studio space?

We know what it’s like to feel overwhelmed, scared that the business stuff is too hard, and bored and disconnected from the practice.

We know how scary it can feel to think that the business isn’t working, that it won’t work. 

We know what it’s like to learn all the dry business strategies, to struggle through the traditional business world, to keep hustling and trying and still see no results.

And we know that there’s a difference between the practice and the journey of a beautiful, connected, vibrant yoga practice and building a powerful personal brand and business.

But we don’t think that they need to be disconnected. 

In fact, we believe that a personal brand that’s connected on a deep, purposeful level to you and your purpose is the most fun, the most powerful, the most free, and the most vibrant kind of business. 

And we believe that it's the kind that grows. 


We invite you to Aerial Yoga Goddess Teacher Training in Belize, January 2018. 

Instead of overwhelmed, be empowered. 

Instead of frustrated, become masterful. 

Instead of struggling, find freedom and a sense of purpose. 

Instead of rote sequencing and a burgeoning business, master the tools, the voice, and the mindset of a powerful personal brand that aligns with who you are and who your students need. 



About Your Educators:

Paulette is the Director of Science and Soul Wellness in Ambergris Caye San Pedro, Belize. E-RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance with over 10,000 hours of teaching and 1500 hours of education, Director, Trainer and Primary Instructor of Sacred Space Yoga School, 200, 300, Prenatal and CEU Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga School. Paulette has completed over 500 hours of advanced study in Parayoga Master Training with Yogarupa Rod Stryker since 2011. Paulette is a coach and personal guide and facilitator in The Four Desires, a masterful guide and book by her teacher Rod Stryker. Facilitator/coach/participant of group and private one on one yoga teacher trainings, intensives, workshops and retreats in Belize, Vieques, Costa Rica, Bali, Maui and Vermont. Himalayan Institute graduate: Master the Art of 200-Hour Teacher Training: Advanced Certification Program for Training Teachers. Qualities and skills paulette possesses from client testimonies are that she allows all to realize their full potential, has unbounded positive energy and instills self worth and the true meaning of self-love.

Margie is a powerhouse aerial yoga teacher and creator of the world-renowned brand, Aerial Yoga Goddess. She is a 200 HR certified aerial yoga instructor with 4 years of experience teaching. She has owned and operated 3 aerial yoga studios, travelled the world coaching teachers to build their personal brand online, and studied with Forbes Under 30. She trained in motivational speaking at Esalen Institute, the ground zero of the human potential movement in Big Sur, California. In 2017, she travelled to 23 cities and 6 countries to teach this signature program she created. Her style is fun, fresh, out-of-the-box and inspirational on all levels. 

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We created Aerial Yoga Goddess Teacher Training, a 28-day live, immersive, retreat experience to bring the sensuality and beauty of aerial yoga, combined with a deeper personal and professional practice, connection to self and purpose, and brand-building mastery to you.  

We created it to raise women's global presence, to build empowerment and a sacred circle, and grow divine feminine leadership. 

This training is for women who are ready to step into their power, to embody their ultimate femininity, to reignite that passion for their purpose, to realign with their purpose, to build a brand that speaks to theirs and their tribe’s souls, and to live a vibrant, beautiful, sensuous life that she adores. 

In this 28 day 200 hour specialty training, we will move through aerial yoga practice and sequences, the fundamentals of branding and business, and the personal growth tools that will bring you greater healing, stronger connection, and ultimately, roots and wings in your life and business. 


What we cover: 

- certification in the method of aerial yoga to bring this bright and vibrant form of yoga to yourself and your current and future students

- discover and realign with your unique purpose, your Dharma, so that you can build a life and business that feel powerful, freeing, and amazing to you

- build your personal brand so that you can build your business online with ease and authenticity

- learn the fundamentals of building your online presence, including content creation and social media marketing, to the level of mastery

- mudras, meditations, community building exercises, safety for teaching aerial yoga so that you can deliver the safest, most empowering experience to your students

- improv and motivational speaking to teach powerful classes that get results for your clients and empower you in your business

- learn, integrate, and master the philosophical and spiritual foundations of yoga in order to realign with your purpose and find your voice

- learn, integrate, and master alignment fundamentals and the anatomy of movement so that you can safely and powerfully lead your students and yourself through the practice and mastery of yoga of all forms

- learn to grow into your divine feminine leadership so that you have the confidence to show up in the world as who you truly want to be 

- connection with self so that you can love yourself deeply, exactly where you are, and grow into who you are 

- connection with others so that you can improve your relationships with yourself and others and experience powerful, deep connection with your soul sisters and in all of your relationships 

- healing so that you can show up as who you want to be

- get at the core of what drives you in your life to teach and to live so that you can wake up every day empowered and in love with every moment


How to join us

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- After submitting your application, we will be in touch within 2 business days to schedule a phone interview. On the call, we will talk about you, your purpose, your business, and whether our training is a good fit for you. We will also be able to answer any specific questions you may have, such as accommodations, payments, and travel arrangements.



- crave to connect with other women and falling a calling that beckons you 

- know that you have more to do here but have been struggling to find your voice and move into it

- understand that you are a leader and have something to give 

- desire to serve and to live a more fully-aligned life, out loud

- love yoga but you want something different, something that feels more like you 

- see and feel how collectively women are hurting and are ready to help 

- want to take your yoga practice to the next level

- feel a desire to connect, for real and deeply, beyond superficiality and beyond the veil of perfection 

- feel a desire to build your business to a level of mastery while remaining authentic and true to your purpose 

- have had a deep sense of intuition and inner knowing that you’ve been scared to follow up until now 

- crave to move your body freely, beautifully, sensually, and with a sense of liberation, but you meet fear going there 

- crave a deep sisterhood and community

- want a yoga practice that speaks to you as a woman and that leads you back to your true voice 



For too long we’ve been silent. For too long we have been shy. For too long we have been cooperative. For too long we’ve been well behaved.

For too long we've been staying stuck or still, or in jobs, studios, day-to-days that suck us dry.

For too long we’ve been hiding in the shadows and living by someone else’s rules. For lifetimes and generations, we’ve ignored that calling nudging at our bodies and souls, begging us to listen and to do what we need to do. For too long we’ve tried to be equal, or better than, rather than just accepting ourselves in our wholeness.

For too long we’ve avoided our true essence and power as women.

Now is the time to take notice, stand up and let our voices be heard. To step in front of blocks and finally live our lives with joy. Now is the time to stop pretending, hiding and live undefended as the women we are called to be. It’s time to awaken through powerful connection, through our sacred bodies, and by taking back our unique power. It’s time to lead and to heal by bringing women together, dissolving the hidden blocks, putting back our fragmented pieces, and remembering who we truly are to live your life's unique purpose: your Dharma. 

It’s time. 

How to join us

- Click the button below to apply. 

- Fill out the application and click SUBMIT. 

- After submitting your application, we will be in touch within 2 business days to schedule a phone interview. On the call, we will talk about you, your purpose, your business, and whether our training is a good fit for you. We will also be able to answer any specific questions you may have, such as accommodations, payments, and travel arrangements.