Science and Soul Wellness is a sanctuary for the body and spirit that caters to the our guests looking for healing retreats, adventure and luxurious renewal. We are a educational training oasis for groups to gather, bond, share and smile.

Our classes, treatments, trainings and products support the unique nature of each guest. When we practice the art of quality self-care our spirit and mindset is refreshed and rejuvenated. Adventure and wellness go hand in hand.


Science + Soul Wellness is about healing, adventure and exploration.

A yoga studio palapa, luxurious wellness spa, retreat center is a space for healing, growth and connecting back to experience the glory of nature.

Science + Soul Wellness was founded by Steven Rigo and Paulette Gloria Harwood to create a space where all people - seeking a private secluded sanctuary to let go and absorb the beauty of the spectacular surroundings. All guests have the opportunity to come together to play, dine, practice, heal, and live life with purpose and freedom. 

We came to Ambergris Caye in Belize because we wanted roots and wings. Roots of belonging, connecting to nature, connection to other like minded people. And wings of freedom, adventure, wildness, and life. 

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who we are + what we do

Science + Soul Wellness is a world class retreat center and wellness space for people to find their tribe, connect deeply with their soul, and define and live their purpose with freedom, safety, and grace. Located in Belize, Science + Soul Wellness features weekly yoga and meditation classes, a full menu of spa services, and retreats and one-on-one coaching available. 

Paulette and her team firmly believe well being is our innate birthright. This authentic gift should be savored and nurtured yet truly recognize and embrace this daily ritual and commitment to self care, self study and lifelong education. All clients and guests of Science and Soul Wellness will enjoy meeting other like minded people who cherish their health and serenity of mind.

The truly caring and expert staff and faculty has been hand chosen by Paulette and Steven and are dedicated to assisting all to feel supported and cared for. 

Offering a multitude of personalized yoga styles, meditation, individual healing consultations, expert massage, custom yoga teacher trainings we promise a memorable and life changing experience.

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Why belize

As a team, Paulette and Steve moved here to San Pedro from Boston determined to create a wellness haven for all to practice, study, train, heal and transform. Paulette and Steven chose Belize for its natural beauty; its friendly, vibrant, and welcoming culture; and its location, all three of which blend seamlessly with Science + Soul Wellness mission of facilitating a space of wellness and vibrant life-living. 

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